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Excel Dialect

The Excel dialect can be used to remote control excel in a very simple way. This dialect even allows non-programmers to write short scripts that can consolidate information out of hundreds of Excel files in a couple of minutes.

The learning curve is by factors less than trying to use Visual Basic.

In one of my projects I had to handle about 200 Excel files. I had to consolidate different fields from all these Excel files, which were on different worksheets as well into one file for further analysis.

My first try was to use VBA for this task. After several hours of work I got it running. The problem was, that is didn't worked on all kind of different Excel versions. And, VBA is really no fun to use...

Than I had the idea to use Rebol to remote control Excel. For this a special DLL is used that provides a nice and simple interface to Rebol scripts to talk to COM servers. To further simplify the usage, a dialect was created that even non-programmers can use to remote control Excel. Gregg Irwin, from the Rebol community and I worked on this dialect.