To the point & Out of the box

make-doc-pro (a.k.a MDP)

The work of make-doc-pro is based on the work of Carl Sassenrath from Rebol Technologies.

I and others have improved and extended the original make-doc idea in several aspects.

make-doc-pro was created to provide a portable, easy-to-edit format for all kind of documents.

The program was designed to convert a text with a simple markup format into XHTML. It's possible to add other output formats (such as PDF or REBOL/View). In that it is in line with things like Markdown or MultiMarkdown.

The beauty of the format is that the text documents are quick to write, easy to handle and can be processed by scripts. Everything you can't do with a something like a Word document.

How does it work?
The input file is an ordinary text file. The layout within the text file isn't transformed to HTML layout, instead MDP uses a concept like LaTeX.

You don't use a WYSIWYG approach, you write the layout commands directly into the document using a simple markup syntax.

The to-be translated text file is specified to MDP in one of two ways:

1st: If you run the MDP program a file request will prompt you for the filename of the text file.

2nd: You can specify the text file as an argument to the MDP program. This allows you to use MDP from other programs.

You can get it from