To the point & Out of the box

Revision history of make-doc-pro.

1.4 - 20-Sep-2011

- Attempt load removed
- Fix two W3C validation issues with tables
- Fix issue with incorrectly indented text in example (code) boxes
- Added =image-root to specify path to images
- Added =do-root to specify path to scripts
- Added NO-STYLE option to emit links to external stylesheets instead of using internal stylesheets
- No longer forces the use of external style sheets when in site-mode
- Inline parsing trims text
- Fix issue with split example (code) boxes
- Fix path issue with =do
Fix < p > problem from last merge
- fix bug with table inside table
- allow =do to return make doc code, for dynamic make doc content.
- added include_root for =include
- removed ALERTs and made them into PRINT instead for better logging
- removed a PROBE
- added =todo to add blocks of TODO information in the HTML document.
- added =todos, which is a =toc for TODO information.
- \if added to emit only on a set flag
- \if-not added to emit only on an unset flag
- =flag to set a flag
- =unflag to unset a flag
- modified input arguments from a simple loop to a parser, accepts files and flags as word block
- added emit? variable whether elements are created before passing the final block to the html emitter.
- fix to handle OS dependent file names as input arguments
- change method of filtering files, when used with incl.r
- fix another bug with incl.r usage
- fix hang with define
- fix IE bookmark issue by forcing scrollign to location on page load
- fix IE table headers CSS, as it used the wrong font
- fixes path bug with =do, where relative paths to scripts would be incorrect

1.3 - 08-Jan-2011

- Attempt load removed
- INLINE command
- TABLE fixes
- style changes
- REF command
- header changes to support references
- preliminary change for handling of args (but not good enough)
- fixing some bugs regarding alignment handling
- CAPTION command for captioning images
- old versions deleted
- make-doc-pro simplified
- Make-doc-pro simplification
- Make-doc-pro now inserts the tag
- Make-doc-pro adjusted for UTF-8 files + examples
- the =bookmark command added
- added support for running mdp script from include.r setup
- added support for running mdp script from .mpd association
- initial commit

- Indention inside example blocks & header were trimmed. (Thanks to Daniel Ajoy)
- Missing closing ">" for image added. (Thanks to Daniel Ajoy)
- Full „per line hard line break“ compatibility to original make-doc. (Thanks to Sunanda)
- Inline URLs are now supported. Use: „ =url URL TEXT=„ Space before the opening =.
- MDP now supports generating complete web-sites with a make-site script.
- Note box changed to a visually more pleasant layout.

- Using =toc after a heading screwed up numbering and direct jumping marks.
- Fixed inline markup bugs when using markup chars as first char in combination with some punctuation.

1.0.6 Internal Release
- MPD supports a light mode. In this case only plain HTML without CSS and document tags.
- Basic PDF output. Not all MDP markup is supported at the moment.

- Removed automatic browser start (again and this time it stays as is) so that you can call make-doc-pro from other scripts.
- This release is a complete rewrite of make-doc-pro. The sources are now much cleaner, better to maintain, and more straightforward.

- If the user changed the directory when using the file-selection browser and selected a source file which contains an =include statement, the include wasn't executed relative to the source-file instead it was executed relative to the make-doc-pro (starting directory). Result was the include file couldn't be found.
- Some HTML cleanup
- You can now use inline markup characters inside tables etc. (beta, not working perfectly)
- You can now use bullets inside a table cell
- Using a bold text as last entry in a table-cell created wrong code: ...|*this wouldn't have worked*
- A lot of table quirks fixed
- The file selector now stays open, so can continue to use make-doc-pro without a restart
- Added (again) starting of the browser for viewing translation results
- You can now change the delta used for indention: indentdelta
- Debug mode for parser can be turned on: =options debug
- You now can split table cells if you have longer texts with: |
- Tables now support a header use \table header and the first row of the table will be used as header
- Added support for striked text use --striketext-- inside pragraph text
- Added support for horizontal bars, use =- or =-- etc. the number of - will specify the thickness of the bar in points
- Switched to stackbased parsing. Now all state tracking is done within the parser, the generator doesn't have to care anymore about it. Makes writing emitters much easier.

- For tables one TR tag to much was emitted.
- If you translated several files at once, the section counters screwed up between the different files
- The = view command is now supported, just use = view and the last example will be layouted; you can use float, center, right like: = view center
- The language file will now be loaded either from the directory of the source text file to make-doc pro or from the directory where the make-doc-pro.r file is located
- You now can create a Windows Shortcut file LNK and use the following line to let make-doc-pro start within the directory given through the last parameter: ...\rebol.exe -s ...\make-doc-pro.r ...\mytext.mdp With this you can have the Rebol source file in only one directory and don't have to copy it around or click yourself through the directory hierarchy.