To the point & Out of the box

MDP supports a bunch of nice features for writing HTML documents. Please take a look at the documentation for a detailed description:

▪ Automatic paragraphs
▪ Title lines
▪ Section lines in different styles
▪ Uses CSS, you can even change the CSS
▪ Automatic table-of-contents (TOC) generation
▪ Code example support
▪ Nested bullet points
▪ Nested numbered points
▪ Definitions
▪ Tables
▪ Indented sections
▪ Note boxes
▪ Images
▪ Commenting
▪ End-of-text marker
▪ Evaluation of Rebol
▪ Include files like a C/C++ preprocessor
▪ Alternate output files
▪ Font support
▪ URL support